Nursing professional perspective on the grieving process in oncological situations. A study from grounded theory

Published: 12 January 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gwnkjc98pt.1


Background: This article discusses what the process experiencedby nursing professionals is like having to face care situations in death stages and the grief of people with cancer. Objective:To understand the grief oncology process from nurse’s perspective in a group to Bogotá, Colombia. Methods:Qualitative study,based on grounded theory. The information was collected in in-depth interviews with 7 nurses specialized in cancer care, from public hospitals in Bogotá D.C; Results: 5 categories were found that describe how nurses live a grieving process from the momentthey recognize themselves and their reality, feel defeated, act for a good death, learn from the losses and transcend to from multiple losses. Conclusions:A substantive theory called “Resignifying death and mourning to empower my NURSE I” was derived, allowing the conclusion of the hypothetical existence of 5 profiles: Novice, impotent, human, reflexive and leading nurseKeywords:Grief, Nurses, Nursing Care, Oncology Service, Hospital.


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La información fue recolectada en entrevistas a profundidad con 7 enfermeras especialistas en cuidado oncológico de hospitales públicos de Bogotá D.C.


Universidad Simon Bolivar


Oncology, Nursing Care