Patient identification system based on NFC and blockchain technology

Published: 15 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vznn9x8vrk.1


Objective: To develop a system in the field of medicine that allows to identify patients by making use of security for NFC cards based on blockchain. Methodology or method: A study of the physical characteristics of NFC cards was carried out to design an external security system, supported by the decentralization of the blockchain, which allows the use of these cards in a field that handles highly sensitive information, such as medicine, in order to take advantage of the practicality of NFC technology when identifying patients in a hospital without exposing their medical history. Results: It was appreciated that the blockchain offers a lot of advantages in the field of security, but these advantages come with a decompensation in the times of writing new blocks and reading previous blocks. Conclusions: A system supported on a centralized and decentralized part provides greater security, however, a decentralized system such as the blockchain comes with a decompensation in terms of writing speed and, above all, reading speed.



Universidad de Cordoba


Biomedical Engineering